FBG-169As we’ve expanded the Fit Bottomed World, one thing has become so, so, so very clear: health isn’t just about workouts and eats. It’s about your entire lifestyle. Your home. Your relationships with others. Your relationship with yourself. Your career. Your purpose. Your path. And that’s exactly why we created Fit Bottomed Zen — to take that message a bit further and help readers to zen out in all areas of their lives. There will be tips, workouts, how-tos, guides … everything you need to help you find your flow — that magical place where you just feel AWESOME and are not just living in a body you love but also living a life you love. And it’ll all be done with a fun and not-too-serious Fit Bottomed twist, of course.


Where do you find flow? Is it in that yoga class? On your meditation pillow? While you’re out walking your dog? Chatting with a friend? Working like a boss? No matter how “hippity dippity” you are or aren’t, we here at Fit Bottomed Zen want every man, woman and child to find their flow — aka that happy place where your life and your body just feels good and in sync. We’ll help you to find flow in your relationships, your workouts, your workday, your home — everywhere! After all, the ability to live in a zen-like state shouldn’t just be for the woo-woo types; we believe it’s for all! So let us help you to find your flow, like whoa.