10(ish) Questions to Ask Yourself

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing this whole life thing right? I won’t claim to know how to answer that for you or tell you “how to do life right” or anything like that. The answer to that all-encompassing question is completely personal. But I do have a few tips to help point you in the right direction.

Because I ask myself some variation of that question all the time, I feel well qualified to tell you about my experience and my experience alone. If you can adapt this hyper-aware self check-in into something that works for you, fantastic. If you think I’m a crazy person whose version of reality is way different than yours, that’s also cool. You’ll know what not to do. Without further ado, I give you my inner monologue.

10(ish) Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Are you happy? If you’re not happy in this moment, do you know why? Will that change soon? Can you control that?

2. Are you content? Do you have everything you need? Are you hungry? Thirsty? Physically uncomfortable? Hot? Cold? Crowded? Need to shower? Need to brush your teeth? Need to use the restroom? (Okay, so that one isn’t usually a conscious thought, but sometimes it is worth asking!)

3. What can you change? What can you control in this exact moment to make yourself feel well? To make others feel well?

4. What can you do today to make yourself happier tomorrow? Have you exercised? Are you eating well? What can you cross off your to-do list?

5. How and what can you prepare? Calendar? Grocery list? Meals? Clothing?

6. Are you ready and confident to take on what’s next? Are you forgetting anything? Are you overlooking anyone’s needs? Are you overlooking your own needs?

7. Have your words been kind? Are you sure? Are you sure sure sure? Are you super sure you haven’t put your foot in your mouth recently? (One of my most frequent self checks right there.)

8. Have your intentions been clear? Are you speaking effectively or are you communicating your thoughts with an ambiguous facial expression?

9. Are you thinking of others? What can you do for someone else? Can you respond to a need? Can you show an act of kindness?

10. Are your expectations being met? Do you need to change what you’re doing or change your expectations?

Depending on the moment, you may need any combination of these questions. The last one is one of the most useful for the most situations. Most of them are easy enough to answer. They help me remember who and how I want to be. I hope they can help you, too.

What do you ask yourself? —Megan 

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  1. All good questions Megan. For times when I’m feeling anxious, I especially like, “What can you change?” and “What can you prepare?” I also like to ask myself “What are you grateful for right now?” Have a beautiful, mindful day!


  2. The last one is important because I think one of the biggest sources of unhappiness is that our experiences aren’t lining up with our expectations. This is especially true in our relationships. If we can think about our expectations, we can make them clear to the people around us and then talk through whether we can find new ways to make sure them are met, or to change them if they turn out to be unreasonable. It sounds pessimistic to suggest lowering one’s expectations makes one happier, but it can! Sometimes it’s not about expecting less, but keeping our expectations simple and flexible, rather than super specific, so that we can be more open to seeing how different things that we couldn’t have predicted can still meet our expectations.