Our Fave Meditations, Workouts and Tips

It’s been a year full of mindful moments and eye-opening discoveries around here, and boy, are we thrilled with how this little site has grown and resonated with you guys. Because, well, the content sure as heck resonated with us!

While we’re proud of every last sentence on this site, we know that the posts with actionable takeaways — like workouts and meditations and tips — have really hit home with many of you. With that in mind, we’re sharing a few of our favorites from our first year of Fit Bottomed Zen!

The 5-Minute Chocolate Meditation

chocolate meditation

Stressful Moments Workout

stressful moments workout

How to Deal With Confrontation (Even if You Really, Really Don’t Wanna)


6 Yoga Poses to Do With a Partner

partner yoga

Sunrise Yoga Workout

sunrise yoga

Learning to Fly With Baby Crow

baby crow

How to Activate Your Power of Receiving

power of receiving

An 8-Minute Meditation for Finding Your Zen

find your zen meditation

Of course, there are loads of other inspiring workouts and motivational meditations to be found here. What’s your favorite one? And is there anything you’d like to see us cover? Ask and you just might receive! —Kristen


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