26 Little Things That Will Make You Happier

After last month’s gratitude challenge on FBG (check it out here — you can do it at ANY time!), two things were clear:

1. Gratitude is awesome.


2. It’s not just the big stuff we can be grateful for. In fact, in many ways, it’s the little things that make you happier.

Which is exactly why this infographic from ProFlowers makes us smile. Because it’s all about being grateful for the little things!

Check it out below for a list of 26 little everyday things and why they are proven to make you happier. From napping to listening to music to eating whole-grain pasta, these little things will make you happier and healthier — and are totally worth celebrating!


What other little things make you happier? I’m pretty sure Netflix should have made this list, too. Hehe.Jenn


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