Connecting to White Light

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In 1955, at the height of Marilyn Monroe’s career, the actress let a reporter accompany her on a subway ride. While she was the biggest star on the planet at that time, not a single person recognized her on that ride. When they finally resurfaced on the busy streets of New York City, she turned to that reporter and said, “Do you want to see her?”

And, with that, she fluffed up her hair and struck a pose. In that instant, she went from an invisible woman to a shining Hollywood star. She was glowing. People started doing double takes and screaming for her autograph.

Her secret? It had nothing to do with the hair or the pose.

She turned it on.

She connected to her life-force energy and let her true essence shine.

From Beyoncé strutting her way across a stage to your best friend holding her new baby, we’ve all witnessed the glow of someone aligned with that life-force energy. They just seem to shine with passion, excitement and love.

Whether we call it life-force energy, God, Spirit or White Light, the truth is that this radiance isn’t something reserved for celebrities or “those women.” This life force energy, which many perceive as a beautiful white light, is a birthright of every person. And we don’t have to go anywhere to get it. We actually just have to bring it down into our bodies and allow it to flow through us.

This is an incredibly important and powerful distinction because as women, many of us do not fully inhabit our bodies in the first place. We tend to live in our heads and hearts for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we had an experience that taught us our bodies were not safe places to be. Or perhaps at one point, we were not comfortable with how our bodies looked so we vacated them and haven’t fully found our way back yet.

Whatever the case, in order to connect fully to white light, we’ve gotta be ALL IN … our bodies, that is.

And whether we’re speaking from a stage or turning heads in public, when we “turn it on,” what we’re really doing is connecting with white light and bringing it down into our bodies.

Our body is the container that harnesses this energy — our essence, our life-force energy — that flows to us and through us. The more fully we inhabit our bodies, the more deeply we can connect to white light and our true essence. We aren’t actually going out to connect to it; we are summoning it to flow through us. Replenish our energy. Cleanse the cells of our body. Hydrate us.

From that place, we can access our true power, our inner wisdom and our ability to release all of the low-vibe energy holding us back. It is from this place, too, that we can connect to the high vibe energies of peace, love, joy and gratitude and embody them so they can be integrated into our lives.

As we allow this life-force energy to flow through us from above, it is important for us to also ground into the Earth and connect to the energies below us, as well. Why?

Because we are human beings and we live HERE. We have dinner to cook, laundry to fold, homework to help with, people to love and workouts to squeeze in. Being connected to life-force energy connects us to our deep inner wisdom. Being connected to the Earth and fully in our bodies allows us to feel connected to the people around us and fully energized to go about our day.

When both energies flow through us equally, we are able to fully be in our power and handle anything that comes our way.

Want a step-by-step meditation for how to connect with white light and bring it down into your body? Get it here. Deana Welch 

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