Moby, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Chelsea Handler Are Making Our Day: Here’s Why

chelsea-handlerThere’s a lot of things to be grateful for, and today Moby, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Chelsea Handler are at the top of our gratitude list. Why? Because, um, they rock. Just see below …

Moby Makes Free Music for Yoga and Meditation

Moby is a cool dude, but this takes the cake. Four hours of ambient music designed for you to chill, zen, meditate or do yoga to? Sign. Us. Up. Get more deets here.

Kerri Walsh Jennings Early Morning Me Time

She grabbed a bronze medal at the Olympics with April Ross in Rio, but she’s always Number 1 in our books. I mean, this morning ritual of hers is so inspiring. Whether or not you’re a morning person (4:30 a.m. is EARLY), it’s her dedication to being truly healthy inside and out that we really dig. (And, yes, “dig” there was totally a volleyball pun. You’re welcome.)

And if that’s not enough, how about this?

Chelsea Handler’s Advice on Jealousy Is Everything

Seriously, just watch.

Are there any celebs inspiring you? Leave a comment and tell us why. Honestly, I’m still on a high from this. Jenn

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