Start and End Your Day Right With These Amazing Water Recipes

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You guys know how important rituals are. The right healthy ritual in the morning and the evening can help set you up to have, like, the best day ever. And while a little yoga or meditation or journaling are awesome things to include in your a.m. and p.m. routine — and something I’ve been talking a lot about while acting as a Goodness Guru for the Sundown Naturals 100% Goodness Tour — you know the other thing you should be doing? Hydrating!

And not hydrating with just any boring plain water, try some infused water! Not only is it more fun to drink (duh), but water that’s infused with other foods and herbs can actually help to energize you in the morning or relax you at night.

As part of my work with Sundown Naturals and the 100% Goodness Tour, I created these delicious water recipes. They will make you a super fan of water and help you to start and end your day with a whole lot of fit bottomedness. Check them out in the graphic below — if you click on the image or here it will actually open into a large savable and printable PDF (so that you can take your water recipes with you wherever your day takes you!).

Delicious Water Recipes for Morning and Night


Another Way I Prep for an Energizing Morning and Relaxing Evening

In addition to staying hydrated, I also make sure to eat right. And part of eating right is being realistic. I know that life is too short to eat perfectly all the time (not to mention the fact that perfection is boring!) and I’m so on the go that I make sure to supplement my healthy eats with Sundown Naturals gummies. They are all 100 percent free of gluten and wheat, dairy and lactose, and artificial flavors◊ — and they taste delicious. They are the perfect way for me to fill in any nutritional gaps I might have in my day.

Two of my fave Sundown Natural gummies are B12 for energy metabolism and melatonin for sleep and relaxation support. The B12 gummies help me to convert food into energy in the morning, and the melatonin helps me with occasional sleeplessness after a crazy day. Both — and all of Sundown Naturals products — are the perfect complement to my healthy, active lifestyle.


How do you start and end your day? Have a healthy ritual, too? Besides hydrating and taking my supplements, I also swear by setting an intention. A simple word or phrase or goal to “stay positive” or “enjoy” can really set a nice tone for the day. —Jenn

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