Hold Firm or Stay Soft: The Mattress for Your Best Sleep

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There’s little I hold more dear than a good night’s sleep. And that becomes even more important to me when I’m increasing my training (which is the case right now because of an upcoming half marathon). Not only do I find myself needing more sleep to facilitate recovery, but I also hit the sack earlier (especially over the weekend) so that the 5 a.m. alarm doesn’t hurt quite so badly.

After all, it’s not only about giving my body proper time and rest to recover, but also my mind! Training for a race doesn’t mean I get to slack off on my other responsibilities, so I need seriously restorative sleep for both body and mind. And I’m not afraid to do pretty much whatever I need to do to get it.

Turning off my electronics well before bed and blocking out as much light and sound as possible helps immensely when it comes to falling asleep, but when it comes to staying asleep — and being comfortable all night long, whether I’m sharing my bed or sleeping solo — the quality of the mattress I’m snoozing on is preeminent.

I’ve spent the last few nights checking out the OSO mattress, which is kiiind of like having two beds in one — one end of the OSO mattress is firm and the other is soft, so you can take your pick … and then change your mind any time you want by just rotating the mattress 180 degrees. (Both ends are clearly marked, too, so you’ll never get confused about which end is which, plus there are handles to make turning it simple.) Hey, just because you’re digging a firmer mattress today, that doesn’t mean that you might not want a softer one later due to something like an injury, pregnancy, or a new partner.

oso mattress

You might be wondering whether it feels odd to have different degrees of firmness at the top vs. the bottom, but honestly, it doesn’t. The mattress is designed to micro-target pressure points, specifically in the areas you need it most (your shoulders, lower back and hips) — the rest of your body is less picky about firmness, so if those areas are comfy, the rest of your body falls into line. It works great with a slatted base, you can even just pop it on the floor if that’s your jam. And, it’s designed to be cool — literally — with breathable fabric to keep you from getting too warm.

So yeah, it’s comfy, but there are other things that make it really cool. For one thing, they offer free shipping (and if you’ve transported a mattress recently, you’ll understand why that’s so rad), and they offer a 101-night promise. You guys! That takes you through training cycles, hormonal fluctuations — heck, even multiple seasons. On top of that, you get a 10-year warranty.

oso mattress
That’s the box over there in the corner. Small, right?

OSO is a Michigan-based company (shout out to the mitten!), and the mattress arrives on your doorstep rolled up tight in a fairly small box. Removing the mattress from the box was easier as a two-person job, although I suspect I could’ve made it work on my own if needed — just with a little more sweat involved. The mattress will begin to rise immediately upon being released from the wrapping, and it’s pretty cool to watch! I let it rise for a day to make sure it was fully “grown,” then conked out that night like a champ. A sleeping champ. Is that a thing? Because I feel like I could be a contender.

Oh, and let’s talk price point. OSO offers sizes ranging from Twin to California King, with prices falling between $700 and $1000. Totally on point (especially considering all that includes!).

Do you prefer a firm or soft mattress? I tend to stick with firm, but it’s been interesting to look at the softer side of sleep! Kristen

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