How to Stop Gossiping

stop gossipingWe all know gossiping is bad. Like, who really feels great about talking shit on other people? Sure, sometimes it’s venting or letting off steam. But sometimes it’s just, well, icky. Right? I know that any time I go down the path to Snarktown and don’t stop gossiping I never feel really good about it afterwards — and usually regret it.

But it’s so easy to get wrapped into, right? Especially if someone you’re talking to starts, it almost seems like the socially polite thing to do is to join in, doesn’t it? (OMG, the people-pleasing desire is strong.)

If you’ve ever had these thoughts, we have the post for you. Not only does it detail why gossiping isn’t good for you or anyone else, it also shares how you can stop gossiping, for good (no matter what time of year it is).

Why You Should Give Up Gossip in the New Year

Anyone else want to make a pact with me to stop gossiping? Let’s do it together!Jenn


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