The Almond and Cacao Smoothie Molly Sims Loves

It’s hard to argue with Molly Sims, right? I mean, if she says she loves something and it makes her feel great — like this almond and cacao smoothie — then I’m all ears.

cacao smoothie

There’s nothing more refreshing than hearing people speak their truths, especially the hard stuff. And after candidly and publicly sharing her struggles with the extremes she went to in order to maintain her size 0 figure during her supermodel days in the early 2000s, it’s cool to hear how she’s learned to live a truly healthy lifestyle — and how that lifestyle has things like chocolate, bananas and nuts in it.

Because, you know what, life IS sad without chocolate, bananas and nuts! So get your chocolate-banana-nut fix with her almond and cacao smoothie recipe here or below!

Molly Sims’ Favorite Almond and Cacao Smoothie

The only thing I might change about it? I might throw in a little protein powder. Just for a little extra keep-ya-full-and-fueled power! But that’s just me.Jenn

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